Short Form Video: TikTok & Reels 101

– 75% of consumers (your potential audience!) prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a product or service instead of a long-form or written description.
– The average consumer spends 89% more time on a website (your potential website!) if it has a short-form video to engage with.
– Tik Tok has overtaken GOOGLE’S dominance as the world’s most popular web domain, ending a 15-year streak.

What does all of that mean for my business?
Short-form videos, like Tik Tok and Reels, are no longer exclusive to catchy dance moves and cute dogs. People all over the globe are viewing short-form videos not only for entertainment but to educate themselves about products and services in a quick, easy-to-digest video format.

In your Short Form Video session, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of TikTok or Reels, the best practices for creating video content that connects with your audience, and experiment with some video content ideas you might have.

Short Form Video: TikTok & Reels 101


An Instagram or TikTok account


What to Bring

Your phone


You will walk away from your Short Form Video session with a better idea of how to best use video to engage your followers and promote your business.


60 minutes


Sessions are held at Start Something Studio, located at 12 S. Van Buren St. in Batavia, Illinois