Social Media Audit

In a Social Media Audit, we will review your insights about content type, posting schedule, brand guidelines, copy, SWOT analysis, and more to evaluate, strategize and offer recommendations for your business’s social media marketing presence. 

Say that again? 

In other words… We will look at your business profile analytics and translate them into an easy-to-understand language so you can capitalize on the things that are working and ditch the things that aren’t. 

Performing regular social media audits helps businesses stay on top of their online presence and optimize their marketing efforts, which is especially important for small businesses. 

We can audit the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest. 

How it Works: A social media audit is broken into two sessions, scheduled at least a week apart. Each audit covers one social media channel.

Session 1: We will discuss your social media marketing goals, the social media channel you chose for the audit, and what you feel is working or not. Session 1 can be completed in person at the Studio or via phone, Zoom, or email. 

Session 1 lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Session 2: You will return to Start Something Studio a week after your initial meeting to discuss your audit findings. At this time, you will receive a printed packet of our audit findings, along with actionable recommendations. Session 2 is best completed in person but can alternatively be done via Zoom.

Session 2 lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Social Media Audit


Username and password for the social media channel being audited. We will get this at our first session.

The channel you’d like us to audit should have at least three months of content.


What to Bring

Your computer


You will walk away from your Social Media Audit knowing what content is resonating with your audience, as well as actionable strategies to keep improving upon what you’re already doing well.


90 minutes over the course of two sessions


Sessions are held at Start Something Studio, located at 12 S. Van Buren St. in Batavia, Illinois