Canva 201

Canva is one of the best tools for small business owners because it makes things like creating social media posts a breeze, but there can be a bit of a learning curve when you’re starting. Register for Canva 101: Basics for Business and you’ll walk out of our Studio with a better understanding of how Canva works.

Do you have a basic understanding of Canva, but feel you could utilize it better? Are you encountering stubborn difficulties in Canva features or functionalities you cannot figure out? Our Advanced Canva workshop, Canva 201, is the session for you. 

In this advanced workshop, we might cover topics such as:

  • Advanced design theory 
  • Cohesive branding application 
  • A deep-dive into Canva features  
  • Troubleshooting your Canva questions 
  • Campaign development 
  • Design critique 

Please come with questions and things you want to learn. Canva is such a robust platform that Canva 201 will really be tailored to what you need to learn!

Canva 201


As the design and editing features are limited in the free Canva subscription, a Canva Pro subscription is strongly recommended. 

Completion of Canva 101: Basics for Business is strongly encouraged.


What to Bring

Your computer


You will walk away from this Advanced Canva Design session with all your Canva questions answered and confident that you can create meaningful, unique, branded, and impactful graphic designs for your business. 


90 minutes


Sessions are held at Start Something Studio, located at 12 S. Van Buren St. in Batavia, Illinois