Come have a seat at our table.

Or on one of our super comfy couches.

Start Something Studio in Batavia Illinois

Or on one of our super comfy couches.

If you’ve found this website, you’re likely one of the lucky ones who woke up with an idea you just can’t shake.

An idea for a business that will change your life. Maybe it will change your community or even your world.

Likely you’ve also found yourself stuck thinking, just like in the children’s book, “What do you do with an idea?”

The answer is surprisingly simple, although it may not feel like it: Just Start. Start Something.

And once you start? Keep going.

Start Something Studio is here to help. Regardless of which stage of the entrepreneurial journey you’re currently traveling, we are here to help you.

One of the hardest parts about being a small business owner is finding honest advice and help you can actually trust. The team at Start Something Studio aims to bridge that gap. The mission of Start Something Studio, our raison d’être, is to help small business owners just like you get to the next level – whether you’re at the idea stage, ready to launch, or have been living the entrepreneurial life for years – get to the next level.

Ethically. Collaboratively. Enthusiastically.

Become a Member

After years running small businesses and working with other small business owners, we created Start Something Studio to reflect the type of supportive environment we wish we’d had throughout our careers.

Whether you’re looking for a place to drop-in because you want to talk something out or need to see a friendly face (we’ve all been there), you want to hold a meeting or be inspired by experts, need a place to create fun photos and videos for social media, or you need to set aside time to actively work on and grow your business beyond managing the day-to-day, we’ve got you covered.


Start Something Studio Team - Small business support in the Fox Valley Illinois

We promise we don’t make members take awkward photos regularly but we’re happy to recreate this if you like! 😉

Studio Members receive amazing perks, including (but not limited to):


Unlimited access to our photo lab    ♦     Online discussion community
Drop-in support    ♦     Expert-led workshops    ♦     Service discounts
Regular networking opportunities    ♦    Weekly working lunches
Live training and masterclass discounts… and so much more!


Services offered at Start Something Studio in Batavia

We’re passionate about small businesses and believe they’re the building block of any great community. Collectively, our small team has 30+ years of experience working in and with a variety of small businesses. Wherever you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to help you move forward.

Set up a free consultation with us and we will help you figure out how to start the business you’ve been dreaming about or what your next steps might look like. (Notice how we said “might”? Despite what some companies will tell you, there’s no one size fits all guidebook for starting or running a small business.)

This is your journey. This is your business. We’re just here to help in whatever way you might need us.

Photo Lab

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand just how many hats small business owners wear. Unfortunately, it’s no longer enough to create a business or a product… you need to market it, too!

Finding the time to take pictures, make Instagram Reels, Facebook Live Videos, and TikToks can feel impossible, but our photo lab is guaranteed to make life easier. With our 15+ different backgrounds, you can stop in and easily film a month of social media posts in an hour!

Start Something Studio Photo Lab for Small Business Owners

(Psst… in a couple of weeks the Photo Lab will be open to the public during non-business hours! Selfies, anyone? 😉)

Upcoming Events

As women, we often have to learn that it’s ok for us to take up space. We don’t need to shrink into the shadows to make room for our spouses, kids, families, and friends. We have a right to space, too.

As business owners, or people who aspire to own businesses, it’s ok to let our businesses take up space, too. Don’t put your dreams aside because someone else is doing something similar. Don’t shrink from claiming a space someone else might want. Whatever your business, whatever your dream, there’s enough space for ALL of us.

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Are you just starting out in your business? Or, do you have a decade or more under your belt? 

Are you a solo-entrepreneur? Or, do you work with a team of 10? 

The fact remains the same: We set our own limitations. Set your goals, make a plan, remain flexible, and watch your growth. 

You can & you will. 

Click the link in our bio to set up a free consultation to help organize your ideas, come up with a plan, and learn about what we can offer to help you exceed your goals. Whether you're just *thinking* about a business idea, or you have years of experience in your business, we want to chat.

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Content Ideas for Service-Based Businesses 

⚡ FAQ - Answer through your Instagram stories. 

⚡ Educate your audience on why they need your service. 

⚡ Go behind the scenes - "come to work with me for the day!" 

⚡ Share great customer & client testimonials. 

⚡ Share + explain easy to digest industry updates. 

Click the link in our bio to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your small business in a safe, judge-free zone, where we help you create a plan to achieve all of your business goals.

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Just *one* of the perks of becoming a Start Something Studio member... access to our funky, groovy, cool, eclectic, creative (running out of adjectives) workspace! 

All you have to do: grab your laptop, your go-to local coffee, and your favorite podcast & headphones, and head to the studio to get some work done when you need a change of scenery. 

Click the link in our bio to become a member!

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What are some perks of a Start Something Studio membership? 

📸 Unlimited Access to Our Photo Lab 
⚡Drop-In Support
☕ FREE 60-minute consultations 
👩‍🎓 Live Training and Masterclass Discounts
🗓 Business Resources + Templates
💻 Working Space with WiFi 
👯‍♀️ Weekly Online Chat and Q&A with Jamie and Lisa

... and seriously so much more. 

Click the link in bio to get started!

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Now introducing.. Social Media Coaching! 

Our 90-minute Social Media Coaching sessions are all about the who, what, when, where and how of social media in YOUR specific business industry. 

Get expert education on: 

⚡ Posting Tools 
⚡ Social Media Strategy 
⚡ Content Creation 
⚡ Algorithm & so much more 

We will then create a customized game plan to make posting on social media less of a chore... maybe even fun? 😉

Appointments are currently available on Wednesdays from 10-1pm, but if you need another date or time, message us! 

Click the link in our bio to sign up for your 1:1 Social Media Coaching session! 

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🗣 Say it louder for the small biz owners in the back.

Click the link in our bio to become a MEMBER at the studio! 

With a Start Something Studio membership, you'll gain access to: 

⚡Unlimited access to our PhotoLab (selfies, product photography, backdrops for video media + so much more.) 

⚡Online discussion community 

⚡Weekly online chat Q&A with our founders, Jamie + Lisa

⚡Access to our growing library of resources 

⚡ WiFi + a gorgeous, eclectic workspace if you need a change of scenery. Grab a cup of coffee + hunker down on your projects. 

⚡ Free 60-min consultations with us to help keep you motivated and moving forward 

⚡ Drop-in support for those random quick q's that come up

⚡ Weekly working lunches at the studio 

⚡ Live training + Masterclass discounts 

⚡ Service + rental space discounts 

So... go click the link in our bio NOW! 

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And they said there is no such thing as a free lunch! 🥗

The team at Start Something Studio wants to treat you to lunch on August 8 at noon!

Register to join us! 👩👩‍🦰👩‍🦳👱‍♀️

Stop by, introduce yourself, grab lunch (provided by us), and meet our team!

* Space is limited *
** Open to the public - registration required ***dfwkhm*_ga*MTgzOTIzMzg5Ni4xNjU2MzQ0NTI2*_ga_B1BJM0534S*MTY1OTM2NDk3OS4xOS4xLjE2NTkzNjY4NzQuMA..&_ga=2.133488651.48076860.1659364979-1839233896.1656344526

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~ Ala Papa Brava ~

Brava indeed 👏 

Following the recommendation of a super fabulous business gal, @paulasinbatavia, we enjoyed a delightful dinner at @altiro_group in @downtownaurora tonight. 

Sometimes business is business...and sometimes business is delicious.

Tonight, it was delicious.

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Had a great time with some lovely local business gals at the @mariespantry Boss Babes X @wyckwoodhouse garden party last night! 🥕🍓🥬🫐🍋 Making meaningful connections + finding your people is key when it comes to maintaining a small business for the long haul.

#startsomethingstudio #aurorail #bataviail #genevail #smallbusinessowners #womeninbusiness #smallbiztips
Getting to know us at Start Something Studio: Sarah Vogelsinger, Small Business Solutions Consultant

Sarah paused her teaching career upon the birth of her first child and then began a foray into the world of small business, establishing The Party Kitchen in Geneva. While that business experienced resounding success, and Sarah’s love for small businesses grew during this time, so did the size of her family and her obligations at home.

Of the many wonderful things she learned as a small business owner, the practice and power of marketing became of particular interest to her. Upon relinquishing ownership of The Party Kitchen, Sarah continued to do contract social media work and blogging for other small businesses from home. 

Sarah’s background as a small business owner provides her with unique insight into the joys, stresses, and, most importantly, needs of small businesses. She works hard to create unique and poignant content for her customers, just as she did for her own business.

In 2021, Sarah was elected as the 7th Ward Alderman in Batavia!

In her spare time, Sarah loves to train for marathons, golf with her sons and spend time with her family.
Our PhotoLab isn't only for #selfies... it's the perfect place to do product photography for your small business. 

Utilize the 15+ backdrops to photograph your products, and set the scene with our array of props: plants, books, decor, etc. 

We love how @house.of.423  studio twenty nine earrings POP in our "office" room... they look perfect against one of our green + gold planters. 🌿🌿

Click the link in our bio to sign up for our newsletter + be among the first to know when our PhotoLab opens!
Let's see how we can help you grow. 

Meet us for a coffee ☕️, sit at a park 🌳, or come check out our new studio ✨ for a free business consultation. We'll discuss all your goals and how we might be able to help you achieve them. 

Click the link in our bio to book your consultation now!
Isn't she a RAY of sunshine? ☀️

Loved having Paula of @paulasinbatavia  stop by the studio to take some product photography! We have over 15 different backdrops in our PhotoLab for you to utilize for:

⚡Product Photos
⚡Reels + TikToks
⚡Video Content
⚡A good old fashioned selfie

The PhotoLab will be available SOON!
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” Henry Ford

Bet on yourself. Believe in yourself. Accept your mistakes with grace. Celebrate your successes with humility. 

You can & you will.
Getting to know us at Start Something Studio: Ellyn Theis, Small Business Solutions Consultant 

From the time Ellyn was old enough to hold a crayon in her hand, she has held an undeniable passion for all forms of art and expression. She believes communities that not only tolerate but celebrate individuality and growth are the richest- which is why she is proud to call Batavia home.

After studying art at SIUC, Ellyn’s beginnings with Levi Strauss Co. launched her into the world of visual merchandising where she combined her love for design with her interest in human psychology. She enjoys researching the ever-evolving forms of social media and applying what she learns into marketing and design campaigns to effectively communicate brand messages. 

In her free time, Ellyn enjoys meditating, practicing Tai Chi, watching the Bachelor, spending time with her two mutts Pepper and Blue, reading as much as she can find on whatever historical topic she happens to be interested in at the time, and getting her hands dirty with clay or paint.
🤖 Useful robot: Roomba vacuum 
❌ Not useful robot: A fully automated / remote business consulting website

Click the link in bio to sign up for our newsletter to receive business education, event invitations, workshop information and more.
RING RING 📞 your new favorite small business consultants are on the phone, waiting for you to set up your free consult!
Getting to know us at Start Something Studio: Lisa Koivu, Co-Founder of Start Something Studio, Inc. 

Lisa Koivu has been working online for 13+ years, doing a little of this and a little of that. She was an OG blogger at and and a freelance writer for publications such as, the Chicago Tribune, and U.S. News & World Report.

In 2017, Lisa and her family moved to the Fox Valley and she switched gears a bit, launching She Soars Digital. Using the industry knowledge she’d built up over the years, Lisa started helping entrepreneurs create engaging web presences, including designing websites, Search Engine Optimization, and developing social media strategies.

Before living the online nomad life (without the nomad part), Lisa was an Associate Dean of Admission at Lake Forest Academy and the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Somewhere in there, she obtained a Masters’s in Public Administration from DePaul University.

Lisa is originally from the Detroit area but moved to Chicago immediately after graduating from the University of Michigan. She has now lived in Illinois longer than she lived in Michigan but will always be a Michigander at heart. Lisa lives in Geneva with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. She does a lot of work in the middle of the night and while she’s sitting in the car waiting for her kids to get out of school and/or their events. In her free time (ha!), she enjoys reading and planning her family’s next vacation.
Opening soon… to hold you over, check out one of the gorgeous murals designed by @braveryhouseco in the studio. 🌸🌺🌻
Tag your favorite #womenowned business in the comments! ⚡
Are you ready to take a leap?
Take your business to the next level? 
Not sure where to begin? 

Book a FREE consultation with us! 

After your FREE consultation, we will put together a proposal- but there’ll never be a hard sell. In fact, we’re pretty certain you’ll walk away from the consultation with some actionable tips that’ll get your business heading in the right direction.
Whether you are...
⚡ A business owner who aspires to be HANDS-OFF your social media accounts
⚡ Looking to ramp up your email marketing efforts, or... 
⚡ Need small business financial services 

We've got your back. 

Message us to get connected!
Getting to know us at Start Something Studio: Jamie Saam, Co-Founder of Start Something Studio, inc. 

Jamie Saam spent the bulk of her childhood and now her adulthood in the Batavia community, and the roots she has formed here run deep. Jamie went to college in Chicago, intending to stay there and raise her family. During her time in the city, she worked as a bartender, server, and eventually restaurant manager, learning a great deal about people and small businesses.

Jamie and her husband moved back to the suburbs and made the leap into entrepreneurship in 2011, forming Bulldog Plumbing Inc., becoming a fixture in Batavia and one of its biggest cheerleaders. Jamie has always had a hand in their plumbing business, but in wanting to make her own mark on her community, she served as an alderman from 2013-2015. She left that position in 2015 to become the Executive Director of Batavia MainStreet, providing Jamie with an opportunity to help revitalize downtown Batavia. This position cemented her place in the community as an advocate for and supporter of small businesses, through projects like the Batavia Boardwalk Shops Incubator Program. 

This all helped to pave the way for the formulation of Start Something Studio with Lisa!

Outside of her professional life, Jamie loves spending time with her husband and two teenage sons, relishing her current role of Hockey & Rugby Mom! When she is outside of the Batavia area, you can find her in other small towns, shopping and supporting those businesses and communities.
Pro tip: It's okay if you aren't an expert yet. In fact, it's cool. 

➡️ Being bad at something new means you have infinite growth and learning opportunities. 

We provide female business entrepreneurs with:

⚡️Professional connection building 
⚡️Consulting services + so much more. 

Message us to get involved!
Q- What is Start Something Studio? What can they do for my small business? 

A- Thought you'd never ask! Start Something Studio provides business consulting services to local female entrepreneurs and founders at every stage of a start-up. Our mission is to move small business forward through expert industry connections, advice, and assistance. 

What we can do for your small business:

⚡️ Maximize your branding, marketing and advertising efforts

⚡️ Create a SEO-rich website for your business

⚡️ Market and brand your product or services

⚡️ Continue your business education growth 

⚡️ Gain valuable business financial education 

⚡️ Network with other entrepreneurs 

⚡️ Manage social media channels 

⚡️ So much more... but we can only put so much info in one post before it starts getting a little overwhelming. 😉

We would love to help you move your small business forward. Tag your favorite woman-owned small business that we should get to know in the comments!
Meetings don't have to be too serious, too stuffy, or too ridged.


Meetings can include very tasty treats, comfy environments, and laughter. 


As we prepare for our launch of Start Something Studio, we are testing out the local solutions to making meetings... worth your time 😉

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Every day is a fresh START.

A chance to try something new or change the way you've been doing things. 

An opportunity to get on track...once again or maybe for the first time. 

The key is to START.

Get out of bed, make a plan, and give it a try.

We are here to support you, because as our friends at @_smallbusinesssisters say "Don't do life alone. We are better together."

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Entrepreneurship is a team effort… but finding *your* team isn’t always easy. This is huge reason why we are launching StartSomething. We want your business to succeed. 

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Things are happening... 😅😅😅

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