The team at Start Something Studio is ready to help you grow your small business, whether you need a little bit of guidance,  our full team to help your business soar or anything in between!

Start Strong Start-Up Services 

Not sure where to start now that you have an idea? We’ve got you! Let us help you create a plan for success. And don’t worry, we won’t make you do it alone, we will walk right alongside you through the business plan process, financial analysis, and growth strategizing making sure you don’t get too overwhelmed as you make your dream a reality.

Small Business Website Design

Together we will create your self-hosted WordPress-based website. We will work together to design a site you love and that represents you and your small business.  All necessary plugins will be installed and we will teach you how to use WordPress so you can maintain it on your own.

Small business websites typically take 3-4 months to design. Click here to learn more about our small business website design services.

Small Business Website Maintenance

While setting up a small business website is one of the most vital components of building your web presence, it doesn’t end there. Sites must be maintained to make sure everything is up-to-date. Various elements of your site will need to be updated regularly to ensure that your site continues to be healthy and immune to hackers. If the thought of doing anything with WordPress scares you, we can check in on your website on a monthly basis to make sure everything is up-to-date and working well.

We also update many small business websites when they need to add content like a blog post, add a new employee to the site, or change up the homepage. These types of services are available on an hourly basis.

Content Writing 

Writing new website content regularly can be a pain. We can help.

Websites need content. Google crawls the content on your site and, if someone is looking for something you talk about, they may reward you by sending traffic to your website. Content can take the form of website articles, blog posts, FAQ pages, and even About pages.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list is something you may hear regularly. If you have not yet taken the time to set up an email list, I can help you get this set up. Whether you just want to send an occasional email or you want to start an entirely automated campaign so that new members of your lists receive pre-determined emails on a schedule you set, I can help you set-up and grow your email list.

Starting an email list need not be expensive. There are services that start for free and more premium options. We will discuss which would be best for your long-term goals.


Social media isn’t the only tool you need to reach your customers as a small business owner. Press releases, blogger/influencer outreach, public events, and workshops are great ways to reach the right customers for your product or service. We’ve got the experience to help you with each of these connection points.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization should be a vitally important part of your online small business strategy. An optimized site will rank higher in search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more likely it is that Google (and the other search engines) will direct new customers your way.

Search Engine Optimization for small business websites is typically a months-long process.

Social Media Coaching 

Social Media is a necessary evil in all businesses, especially small businesses. Let’s dig into the who, what, where, when, and how of social media for your particular business in a 1:1 personal session. We will talk strategy, tools, content creation, paid advertising, and answer all of your questions…or however many we can get through before scheduling a second session.

Social Media Management 

As a small business owner, you wear all of the hats. Let us help you take one of those hats off so you can focus on the parts of your business you enjoy the most.