You don’t have to do this* alone.

Get the support you need to build a profitable business with unmatched resources, trainings, and, yes, photo opportunities inside a monthly membership that never stops giving.

*Including, but not limited to: Posting and engaging on all social media outlets, building an email list, sending out regular emails, networking, marketing your business, advertising, taking photos, running payroll, balancing the books, actually running your business, and every other thing small business owners do on the daily.

Running a small business is more fun and rewarding when you have an amazing support system rooting for you!

Start Something Community for Small Business Owners

welcome to the

Start Something Community

Entrepreneurship is often lonely, but frankly, we’re tired of this being the norm! This is why we’ve created the Start Something Community.

The Start Something Community is a space for sharing and collaborating – a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who get it. It’s a non-competitive community where we will celebrate your successes and help you from being too hard on yourself. It’s full of people you can turn to when you need to talk something through or are looking for a tech recommendation.

Start Something Studio

Perks of Joining Our Community

✓ Unlimited Access to Our Photo Lab

Studio Members will have full access to our photo lab/selfie studio! Stop by during business hours or talk to us about a top-secret shoot you want to do at 6 am. With 15 regularly-rotating backgrounds, our Studio is ready for your brand photo and video shoots, social media creation, and anything else you may need!

✓ Online Discussion Community

We know it’s not always possible to stop-by but we also know that sometimes you need extra encouragement when you’re in the thick of things. That’s why we’ve created an online discussion community just for Studio members! Hop on there to ask questions or talk about whatever’s on your mind. There’s even an audio room where you can talk to people in real time!

✓ Weekly Online Chat and Q&A with Jamie and Lisa

We can hold audio discussions through our online community, so each week you’ll be able to hop on for a LIVE chat and Q&A with our founders!

✓ Resources, Templates, and More

Community members will have access to a growing library of resources, templates, and more!

✓ Come On In and Join Us!

Need a place to get some work done? Or maybe you need to hold a small meeting? Drop-in, grab a seat, and make use of our Wi-Fi!

✓ Schedule Free 60-Minute Consultations

Anyone can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us but only members will be able to book free 60-minute consultations!

✓ Drop-In Support

Do you have something you want to discuss but you forgot to make an appointment? No worries! Studio Members can get Drop-In Support (schedules permitting).

✓ Regular Networking Opportunities

Networking is an opportunity to get to know each other AND learn about our businesses.

✓ FREE Weekly Working Lunches

Bring your lunch and join us as we dive into a new business topic each week! 

✓ Live Training and Masterclass Discounts

The business world is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep learning. We aim to make this as easy as possible with regular live trainings and masterclasses. We’ll bring in vetted experts to teach you what you need to know!

✓ Service Discounts

Members will receive a 10% discount on our services, including things like small business website design, social media management, SEO, etc.!

✓ Space Rental Discounts

We have space and want to share! Do you want to teach your own workshop or course? Members can rent out our entire studio space for a discounted rate!

All of this for just $50/month!

Consider a Studio Membership to be like a fitness pass… for your business

People typically purchase gym memberships or fitness passes when they want to set aside time to work on their bodies. Gyms may have equipment you might not have at home and gym rat inspiration around every corner. There can also be a sense of camaraderie you won’t get by going on a solo walk at lunchtime. A gym membership allows you to commit to setting aside time to focus on YOU.

We hear you saying, “well, duh.” 😉

Nobody questions the need for a gym membership but our question for you, fellow small business owner, is how often do you set aside time to focus on YOUR BUSINESS beyond surviving the day-to-day?

A Studio Membership is like a fitness pass for your business. Our goal is to encourage you to set aside time to regularly work on a small (or big!) aspect of your business. Come on in and work in a group setting while getting encouragement and advice from peers and learning from experts. Whether you fine tune something you’ve been working on or learn a new skill, we want you to take your business to the next level.

Start Something Studio - Fitness for your business

We have lots of tables, chairs, and couches, but you’re totally welcome to bring a yoga mat to our Studio, if you prefer.


What happens after I sign up?

You’ll gain instant access to our online community! Introduce yourself, take a look around at our resources, then carve out some time in your schedule to join us to chat about your business! Don’t forget to check out our calendar of events – we hope to see you at a seminar, lunch, or training session soon!

Who is a membership for?

A Studio Membership is for established business owners and those who are still at the idea stage who need help getting off the ground.

Wherever you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey, there’s always going to be something new to learn!

Can I cancel anytime?

Our membership is like Netflix. You can cancel at any time but will have access to the portal for the remainder of the month you have already purchased. You are billed once a month from the day you purchase.

How much does it cost?

The monthly investment to join the Start Something Community costs $50 per month.

We are also accepting 10 Lifetime Founding Members for a flat $1,000.

What do you get with a lifetime membership?

The lifetime membership offers all of the benefits of the monthly membership without the hassle of paying monthly.

We will also have special Founding Member events.

Can I use your services without joining?

Non-members can attend one Free 30-Minute Consultation where we will take a deep-dive into your business.

Our photo studio will soon be open to the public during limited hours.

Some of our programming will be available to the public, though members can attend all programming at a discounted rate.

Start Something Community

A monthly membership + online + in-person community for female business owners who want to grow their businesses while engaging with like-minded and supportive individuals!

Join us for just $50/month.

Or, become a Founding Lifetime Member for $1,000 – only 8 spots still available.